Designer European Menswear

How It All Came To Be

Designer European Menswear

We maintain the belief that certain men seek more than merely impressive brands or aesthetically pleasing attire. Rather, they desire clothing that reflects their individuality and inner essence. Their preference lies not in adopting someone else's style but in uncovering and embracing their own unique expression. Therefore, when we profess our commitment to exceptional, personalized service, we do not simply refer to facilitating transactions. The true essence of Couture unfolds not within the confines of our store but within the closets and luggage of our clientele. Here, our collections evolve from a mere accumulation of past acquisitions into meticulously curated portfolios.

Picture every garment in your wardrobe serving a purpose and articulating a facet of your identity. Each item beckons you to embark on a new journey and commemorate a fresh achievement. Welcome to the realm of Couture, where our objective is not to merely clothe you, but to tailor garments that truly embody your essence.


While at first glance, our establishment may resemble other distinguished men's boutiques, it sets itself apart in numerous significant ways. Some differentiating factors are readily apparent, such as the superior quality of our fabrics, the breadth of our brand selection, and the impeccable fit of our garments. The true distinction lies beyond what meets the eye.

For instance, a considerable portion of the items showcased here bears our unique design imprint, with several even holding patents. Have you ever encountered a jacket capable of seamlessly transforming into a raincoat?

Moreover, while attentive service is a hallmark of any reputable men's outfitter, we aspire to elevate the standard even further. Our dedication extends beyond mere assistance; it encompasses a genuine passion for exceeding expectations and fostering enduring relationships with our clientele.


David Yahid


In 1998 David decided to open a clothing boutique at 395 Sutter Street on his very own to dedicate most of his energy and talent into design and creativity of men's clothing focused on customer service.

David traveled the world to put together the finest quality fabrics from Biella Italy, Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Tessilestrona Super 150's, Vitale Barberis Canonico Fabrics made in Italy.

Lida Yahid

Account Executive

Lida is a tremendous asset to our team. Without her passion and devotion it would be hard to stay organized.

Lida enjoys hiking outdoors and socializing with friends over a glass of wine.

Nick Yahid

Sales Executive/ Marketing Manager

Nick has been helping with the family business since the age of 8 years old. He recently graduated from Chapman University and is pursuing a career in Entrepreneurship.

Nick enjoys working out, eating healthy, spending time with his close friends and traveling the world 🌍

Couture -Founder

David Yahid  

Lida x Nick x David

Team Yahid  


David & Nick Yahid